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Have you ever wanted to pour a pint in the comfort of your very own home? It seems a million miles away Mini Beer Kegs but breakthroughs in the hospitality industry have led to some great opportunities for beer drinkers across the world! There has been no better breakthrough than the Philips Perfect Draft Machine! No matter if you are looking to have draught beer in your living room to having a small party in a function hall, the Perfect Draft machine is the perfect pieced of equipment for you!

The Philips Perfect Draft Machine, which can be bought or hired from Small Beer Keg is an innovative beer dispenser for six litre beer kegs. The inventive design boasts a smart LED display which allows you to know how many pints are left in your mini Perfect Draft Keg, how long until the beer is no longer consumable and what temperature your refreshing lager is being chilled at. This light weight dispenser allows for easy portability between room and even venues – all that is needed is a 13amp plug socket to plug it into.

The Philips Perfect Draft Kegs which are all six litres (approx. 10 pints) are very difficult to acquire in the UK but Small Beer Keg offer Becks Original, Leffe Blonde and Stella Artois at industry leading prices. These three lagers are some of the most popular in the world with Becks and Stella being well known in the UK. Leffe Blonde, the lesser known of the three, is a premium Belgian lager with an ABV of 6.6% and is best served in Leffe’s branded half pint glasses. Stella and Becks have a 5 and 4.9 % ABV respectively and are enjoyed throughout the UK all year round.

Small Beer Keg supply homes, venues and events all over the UK with Philips Perfect Draft Kegs to inject an extra touch of flair to any occasion! Small to medium sized events are perfect for Perfect Draft kegs and their six litre capacity rather than buying the conventional 11 gallon, 88 pint keg and have huge amounts of waste at the end of it. Home Beer Kegs

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