Small Beer Kegs

At present we are in a position where we can offer you the following beer kegs for use with the perfect pour draft beer system. Please be aware that delivery is an additional charge which shall also need to be paid directly by you. The image below show you the kegs and as you may already know, once you have finished with them you simply bin them. Each small beer keg comes in a plastic crate which can also be disposed of. In the interest of ensuring that each small keg is delivered to you without any damage, we send them out in the plastic crates.

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Quartz Extra Blonde 5 Litre Self Tapped Keg £17.49 + vat

Quartz, a UK based micro-brewery, are producing world class craft ales and we are pleased to be able to offer these through a mini self tapped keg for home use. The ideal gift for a beer lover.

ABV 4.4%

Mini Beer Keg for Home

Leffe Blonde Perfect Draft 6 Litre Keg £28.99 + vat

Leffe Blond is known as the flagship of the Leffe range. This premium Belgian Pale Ale has lots of taste and comes with centuries of brewing experience.

ABV 6.6%

Leffe Blonde Perfect Draft Keg

Becks Original Perfect Draft 6 Litre Keg £27.99 + vat

Becks Original is a world renowned beer which is known for winning more than one World Beer Cup. This German lager is a real winner!

ABV 4.9%

Becks Perfect Draft Keg

Stella Artois Perfect Draft 6 Litre Keg £29.99 + vat

Stella Artois is a Belgian lager known for its substantial taste and body. The fruity, yet hoppy finish lends its hand to a dinner or a party.

ABV 5.0%

Stella Artois Perect Draft Keg

Jupiler Perfect Draft 6 Litre Keg £29.99 + vat

Jupiler is the best selling lager in Belgium. With that name comes great expectation - which this easy drinking lager fulfils!

ABV 5.2%

Juiler Perfect Draft Kegs

Hoegaarden Perfect Draft 6 Litre Keg £29.99 + vat

Hoegaarden is our resident wheat beer. This fruity beer is flavoured with orange peel as well as coriander to give it that unique taste. If you long to taste a different beer, try Hoegaarden,

ABV 5.2%

Hoegaarden Perfect Draft Kegs

Heineken 5 Litre Mini Keg (Self Tapped) £29.99 + vat

Heineken is one of the world's leading premium lager brands. Having been brewed in the Netherlands since 1873, it is now sold throughout the world.

ABV 5.0%

Heineken 5 Litre Draught Keg

Hobgoblin 5 Litre Mini Keg (Self Tapped) £20.00 + vat

Hobgoblin is the leading brew from Wychwood Brewery. It's ruby red colour not only looks great but its aroma and taste of toffee chocolate malts ensure a great tasting experience.

ABV 4.5%

Hobgoblin 5 Litre Mini Keg

Old Speckled Hen 5 Litre Mini Keg (Self Tapped) £20.00 + vat

Old Speckled Hen is a great English Ale which is now owned by Greene King. This easily drinkable, amber coloured ale provides a well balanced flavour. 

ABV 5.0%

Old Speckled Hen 5 Litre Mini Keg

Perfect Draft Machine £249.00 + vat

The only beer dispenser you will need! With an inbuilt cooler and well presented LED display to show volume, temperature and days of freshness, the Perfect Draft Machine is ideal for the home user.

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Delivery of the Small Beer Kegs

Our delivery prices depend upon your location. Delivery charge is £9.99 + vat per 3 kegs or 1 Perfect Draft Machine and is delivered by UK Mail .The minimum delivery price per order would be £9.99 + vat - this would be a standard 3 day delivery. Delivery on Saturdays is possible but may incur an additional charge. Each small beer keg weighs approximately 7.2 Kg each.

For additional information or to place an order for the above kegs or equipment, please contact a member of the Small Beer Keg customer services team.

There will be a charge for paying via credit card.


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