Philips Perfect Draft Beer Dispenser

Late 2004/early 2005 was the beginning of something magical. The Philips Perfect Draft beer dispenser was born to tackle the lifelong problem of being unable to enjoy the ice cold refreshment of draft beer at home. The Philips Perfect Draft beer dispenser has opened the taste pallets of lager drinkers the whole Perfect Draft Beer Dispenser country through as they can throw the bottles away and enjoy the best – the draft! Small Beer Keg are UK seller of the Philips Perfect Draft beer dispenser and the Philips Perfect Draft kegs that accompany it.

Small Beer Keg’s Philips Perfect Draft beer dispenser is portable and so can be set in any room in the house, from your living room to your bedroom to your garden, all that is needed is a plug socket! The innovative beer dispenser has its own inbuilt cooler for chilling the beer to three degrees for the perfect pint and once it has reached that temperature it will keep it there. The professional tap on the Philips Perfect Draft beer dispenser allows for the feel of the pub to be brought to your home as you pull perfect pint after perfect pint. The lavish LED display on the front is an indicator of information such as days left until the keg goes off, temperature of your Perfect Draft keg and how much lager is left in your Perfect Draft keg.

Small Beer Keg are UK stockists of Philips Perfect Draft six litre mini kegs which fit into the Perfect Draft beer dispenser. Small Beer Keg currently supply the UK market with Becks Original, Leffe Blonde and Stella Artois who have all won awards for their beautiful lagers. Each keg holds approximately 10 pints with a drinking time of 30 days once the keg itself has been opened.

When pouring lager from your Philips Perfect Draft beer dispenser, let the first initial foam pour away until a good consistent flow of lager comes out. Tilt your pint glass to 45 degrees and pour with the tap and faucet fully open whilst allowing for around 1 to 1.5 inches of foamy head. Buy Philips Perfect Draft machine

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